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I love web design – and in fact all things digital – I always have.

My name is Giovanni and I own Stag Web Design. We’re not a big corporate company with fancy offices (which your website has to pay for), nor are we a really ‘trendy’ design studio based in Clapham, who love to use the word Dynamic and Innovative every time we talk about doing something another web design studio would probably do too…

Stag Web Design

When you come to Stag Web Design – be it for a new website, an improvement to your current, domain names, hosting, branding – or maybe something else – you’ll speak with me. No sales people, no switchboards, no annoying hold music. When you have a problem with something, or need an answer to your questions, again – myself.

What’s more important is you’ll get to know me, and I’ll get to know you – and your business. It’s a cliche, but you’re genuinely not just another customer order number to ‘get in and get out’ as quickly as possible. Because we’re a small web design agency you’re guaranteed, on every occasion, to get the time, effort and energy we know your business really deserves.

No annoying sales people (who don’t really understand what they’re selling) trying to rip you off, no account manager making commission and no over the odds fees from us trying to cover our company cars or fund a fancy reception. Anybody you speak with will have an absolute understanding of web design, I.T or the specific service you’re talking with us about; and that’s a promise. 

But don’t confuse us being a small studio with us being an unsuccessful studio. We’re awesome at what we do, and we build stunning websites with love and care. We have worked with some pretty impressive brands from national organisations through to small start ups. With 10 years+ of web design experience we can certainly make your website stand out – and we’ll help you grow your business too.

We love being small in size but big in presence. To us it’s a choice, to keep everything simple and focused on the good stuff. We’ve thought about expanding and having offices full of people but continue to enjoy the personal touch – and your business will benefit from that too.

Beautiful Websites. Unbelievable Price Tags. Unbeatable Service.

We’ll only use the best quality WordPress themes and plugins to build your business the perfect website, and we guarantee to do all customisation work from our office in Petworth, West Sussex – no outsourcing overseas. Because we keep everything deliberately straight forwards and simple we get to focus on doing what we love, and your business will benefit from that directly.

We’re not interested in the global nonsense, or hiring credit controllers, account managers, sales persons, technicians and more. Instead we like to keep it simple and have you directly converse with your web designer. No nonsense, no upselling – just quality, honest service from people who absolutely love what they do, and do it really well too.

A Web Design Studio Built On Reputation.

We don’t rely on expensive marketing campaigns, hard sells or gimmicky presentations to win business. Instead we’re proud to be built largely upon reputation of the brilliant work we do and the way we treat our clients.

No Jargon, No Nonsense.
It’s Not Rocket Science.

There’s nothing quite like a design studio trying to blind you with jargon and science. It ultimately means one of two things; they either can’t understand what it’s like to be a consumer or they’re deliberately trying to make it sound more complicated than it is. Either way you’re likely to end up paying more.

Stag Web Design just aren’t interested. We’re not pretentious and we can’t stand all the ‘David Brent’ antics about connectivity and blue sky thinking.


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