SEO is relatively simple, but just takes time and manual input.

We know, that’s not what every other web agency has told you. The truth about Search Engine Optimisation is that there is no easy cure and no instant result. It takes time and an understanding of what it is exactly Google are looking for to get the best results.

It’s not always popular to say this and we know some agencies will peddle nonsense about instant results and then tie you into a 12 month contract. Not us.

All of our SEO services are offered contract free, so if we’re not doing a good enough job you’re free to leave and go elsewhere.


Simple. We’re good at it, and we know that when you start seeing results you’ll likely stay with us. If we’re not the right fit for your business, we’re very happy to part ways and let you find someone else.


13,200,000 Results.
Number #1. You Bet.

The national martial arts governing body, BMABA, is just one of our SEO success cases. With a massive market of competition for martial arts insurance and associations, we’ve helped them secure not just the top page on Google, but the no#1 spot for several key search terms.

This has resulted in an increase of more than 57% traffic to their site organically, without paying a penny for adwords.

We’re experts at Local SEO.

We know, what’s the difference between local SEO and normal SEO?

We hate gimmicks and buzz words, but local SEO is a little different to normal (or national) SEO. Local SEO is about helping your website excel in a specific location. You might be a local builder, a cafe or a tourist attraction – local SEO focuses on making sure you’re found with a specific emphasis on your locality. Alot of principles are the same as usual SEO, but we’ll really home in on helping people in your chosen area find you over those from further afield.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost any more for Local SEO – it’s just a slightly different way of doing things…

Talk to us about your SEO needs, and put us to the test.

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What does your SEO cost?

Our SEO charges are very competitive. We won’t stretch your business if you look like you’ve got the cash either!

Our prices are fixed, and vary based upon what’s required to get the job done. SEO starts at £79 per month, with no contracts, ever. This will include all link building and off-site SEO work. It’s £99 per month if you’d like us to take care of the on-site changes (highly recommended) as well.

If your requirements are specialist, or if you’d like us to take care of your SEO and other related services (such as listings in Yelp and on Google Maps etc) we’re happy to work out something very flexible and affordable for you.

How does SEO work and what’s required?

When you search for something on Google, it uses a specific (and constantly changing) algorithm to pull results that are as relevant as possible for you. This is simple enough, and use to mean (generally speaking) that sites closest to your needs came first, followed by those that are likely less relevant. That was until SEO came along.

With big companies splashing ever growing budgets on SEO, it can feel like you’re never going to show – but that’s not always the case.

Search Engine Optimisation is about priming your website to be up to the standard when Google crawls for results. This comprises of three areas;

ON SITE – Your content needs to be presented in a way that is easy for Google to read and sort in order of relevance. This usually involves copywriting text to fit key SEO parameters properly, without affecting the way it reads to users actually on your site! It also requires the use of relevant tags, properly placed META and descriptions and a range of other factors – such as the speed your site loads and what information is in the footer.

SITE PROXY – This is still related directly to your site, but is different to content. This involves a range of criteria like your domain name age, whether your site is secured by an SSL certificate, how many social media channels are plugged in and how many followers you have, the speed load and more. It’s just as important as the on site SEO but is often neglected by the bigger web agencies who don’t have the technical prowess or time to take this stuff into account. It makes a big difference.

OFF SITE – One of the key areas of off site SEO is link building. This means placing your site in as many relevant directories and websites as possible, all pointing back, to show Google your site is popular and liked. You must exercise caution here – too faster link building, or linking to non-relevant sites can get you blacklisted.


Between these three areas of SEO and the many additional factors in each, we help present your site to Google, particularly focused on a few key search terms, in the best possible way.


How long will it take to get results and am I guaranteed top spot on Google?

We can never guarantee top spot on Google, and you should be very weary of those who do. The likelihood of scoring high on Google (and we’d class that as page #1 and ideally, top three or four places) will depend on the key search term(s) you’re working with and the competition that’s out there.

For example, if you run a coffee shop in Epsom and you’re competing with lots of other local coffee shops, we stand a good chance of making a significant impact. If, however, you’re competing with the likes of Tesco or Amazon for something generic like ‘Buy goods online’ then it’s a very different kettle of fish. Extreme opposites, we know, but we hope it makes the point.

We can’t guarantee top spot, but we do get results. You’re not tied to us in a contract either, so you’re free to leave if you deem it necessary.

If you don’t have much of an SEO presence you’re likely to need to allow 1-3 months for initial changes to take effect. From there, we should be able to ‘stand our ground’ or continue to make improvements on a month to month basis.

Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll be able to tell you the likelihood of success before you commit.

I’m not sure if I need SEO services.

Anyone serious about being seen on the web – and attracting customers through their websites – needs to think about SEO. If you want more relevant traffic – potential customers or clients – to find you online 24/7, then you need to consider SEO.

Talk to us about your SEO requirements and we’ll offer you a steer on what might be required without charge.

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